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Professional Diabetic Foot Care in Denver

Diabetes brings with it plenty of challenges and complications. These require careful monitoring and consideration. One of the most important components of a proper diabetes management program is diabetic foot care.

Loss of feeling makes it harder to notice issues

There are many reasons for proper diabetic foot care management. However, the most significant is typically that diabetics lose feeling in their feet over time. This is due to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. The American Diabetes Association estimates about half of all diabetics may experience peripheral neuropathy.

In general, peripheral neuropathy is caused by the poor circulation. It’s also due to peripheral nerve issues to the extremities that diabetics experience. Furthermore, healing of the extremities is often complicated for diabetics This leads to an increase in infection risk.

Minor problems can escalate quickly

Unnoticed minor wounds or cuts may be left untreated. From there, They can quickly become infected and increasingly serious. This can then lead to gangrene. It can also potentially require operations or amputations as the only available remedy. Because of this, preventative diabetic foot care and treatment is absolutely vital.

Unique, Personalized Diabetic Foot Treatment

At The Advanced Foot Clinic, we’re specialists in treating diabetic foot issues. We consider each patient’s unique circumstances and design ongoing care programs. Our goal is to thoughtfully manage your diabetic foot care in the least invasive way we can. The cornerstone of proper treatment is routine examinations. These should occur at recommended intervals that match each diabetic patients’ individual needs.

We recommend the following examination schedule for diabetic patients:

  • If you don’t have any obvious risk of foot care issues, we recommend a foot examination once per year
  • Patients with some risk factors should be seen twice annually
  • Patients with existing foot conditions such as those with numbness or neuropathy and/or areas with corns or callouses should be seen frequently on an ongoing basis
  • If you are experiencing acute diabetic foot care issues, you should be seen immediately

We Specialize in All Types of Diabetic Foot Care:

Wound care
Foot infections
Limb salvage surgery
Venous stasis
And more…

Minimally Invasive Diabetic Foot Care

The American Podiatric Medical Association research indicates that greater than 60% of lower limb amputations occur among people with diabetes. They also know that comprehensive diabetic foot care programs can reduce this risk by up to 85%.

With these statistics in mind, it is, and always has been our goal to provide the least invasive treatments possible. We want to help our diabetic patients maintain their health and quality of life in every way we can.

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